MassTech Internship Company Application 2018


Company Stipend Application

6/5/18: All internships stipends for summer 2018 are now reserved.  The waitlist is full, and we are no longer accepting applications.  Thank you for your interest in the program.

Companies with signed Intern Sponsorship Agreements may use this form to submit requests to swap interns.

Fill out the information below to apply for the MassTech Intern Partnership. In order to complete this form, you will need to have all supporting materials collected prior to submission: 

  • Internship Description
  • Student Resume(s)

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Documentation Required

The MassTech Intern Partnership Program requires the certain information to verify company and intern eligibility for the program. Please upload the following documents as a single PDF file: 

  • Internship Description(s)

  • Student Resume(s)

If you experience difficulty with the upload process, please contact us at

By clicking submit below, you acknowledge the following statements:

  • If accepted into the MassTech Intern Partnership, my company will need to confirm its participation by signing and returning an Intern Sponsorship Agreement that stipulates the general terms and conditions of the program’s funding agency, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.
  • The MassTech Intern Partnership is offering stipend subsidies for summer 2018 internships. It is expected that most summer internships will run between May and September 2018. Intern stipend subsides are available on a reimbursable basis for up to 50% an intern's hourly wage for up to $8 per hour for a total of $3,200/year per individual intern. Eligible companies in the priority focus areas of Cybersecurity, Digital Health, Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotics may apply for up to 3 interns per program period.
  • Stipend reimbursement is available only to eligible companies that hire eligible interns and treat their interns as employees of the company and not contractors or subcontractors and pay interns as W-2 employees with required payroll withholdings.
  • When seeking reimbursement for intern stipend(s), all participating companies will need to provide necessary documentation, including official proof of payment of intern stipends, and submit MassTech’s Reimbursement Form. The submission deadline for all summer reimbursement materials is October 31st, 2018.