How to Get Reimbursed

MTIP Reimbursement Process

Effective August 10, 2017, the MassTech Intern Partnership Program is no longer accepting applications for Summer 2017.

Accepted companies may submit for reimbursement now through October 31, 2017.

How does a company request stipend reimbursement?

The MassTech Intern Partnership reimburses stipends for up to 50% of the intern's gross salary for up to 2 interns during the program period. Maximum reimbursement is $8/hour for a total of $3,200 per year per individual intern. Stipends are reimbursed at the conclusion of the internship. The deadline for claiming reimbursement is October 31, 2017.

Companies must submit the following materials to

  • Reimbursement Checklist (completed and signed)

  • Reimbursement Spreadsheet

  • A recently-completed W-9 form

  • Official documentation showing proof of payment of intern stipends (e.g copies of pay checks, paystubs, payroll registers, payroll journals, or earnings statements). Documents must indicate the company name, intern name, the date payment were made, and the gross amount paid. Documentation generated by a third party (i.e., bank or payroll service) is preferred.

The submission deadline for summer 2017 reimbursement: October 31, 2017

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