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Feedback from 2014 Interns

  • Most interns were in Research and Development or Sales and Marketing positions
  • Most interns indicated they are more likely to look for a job in Masssachusetts and in a tech company after graduation

Intern Quotes:

"Being part of a small company was an amazing experience. My ideas were valued and I feel like I influenced the product that I was working on in a meaningful and positive way."

- Adrian, Boston University

"My colleagues were great, and working at such an early-stage startup meant my work was very self-directed, which I enjoy." 

- Alexandra, MIT

This opportunity has  lead me to several realizations about myself and my future. I've learned that startup life is the life for me. I love being able to wear many hats. I dread the idea of being stuck doing the exact same thing day-in day-out. Having a hand in all aspects of a project and company really suits me. This lesson will surely follow  me throughout my career"

-Adam, Northeastern University

"I love how in start-ups, even though you are officially assigned one role, you get to wear many different hats. For example, I was an R&D intern, but I was additionally exposed to how marketing and sales operated, how to communicate with non-engineers about functionality of a product, how to manage multiple requests different departments, and how to get everyone in a group on the same page of what's going on. I learned so much with everybody that I worked with, and I'm very proud that we were able to mutually help each other each time."

- Flora, Boston University

Executive Quotes:

"At FloDesign Sonics, we are a team, and these interns become a part of our team working together on several projects and research. The interns gain great experience, and we receive help to progress and complete our projects, along with different perspectives."

-Jasmine Powers, FloDesign

"I think this program is great and encourages tech companies to find talent where they otherwise may not be able to. It's been very valuable to have the financial support, without it, we would not have hired our two best interns!"

-Brint Markle, AvaTech

"Helping others in the organization with real and really important work. As a start-up, every brain counts and we need brains that can learn quickly and are interested in our technology and the work they are doing. They have made significant contributions in all respects."

- Diane Yasgur, Luminoso

"We are a small company and being able to bring in an artist (1 intern) and a data scientist (our other intern) has been hugely valuable for us. We have enjoyed mentoring them and have gotten a ton of great work done by them!"

-Jacqueline Thong, Ubiqui Health

Feedback from 2013 Startup Executives & Interns

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