TMassCAN Logohe Massachusetts Computing Attainment Network (MassCAN), founded in 2013, is a public-private coalition of education, industry, nonprofit, and academic partners who share a common interest in transforming computer science (CS) education in Massachusetts. The initiative works to create and offer the highest quality K–12 CS education to every student in the state.

It was established by taking a broad, systematic approach to transforming public education for CS that addresses standards, curriculum, professional development (PD), teacher leadership, advocacy, public awareness, industry engagement, after-school programs, and collaboration with school districts.

MassCAN's vision originated from industry leaders in the Tech Hub Collaborative, and MassTech has provided seed investment and strategy support since 2012.  The Innovation Institute at MassTech is now managing a $1.5 Million state appropriation to MassCAN, awarded through the Fiscal Year 2016 state budget. 

CS educationMassCAN is working toward two high-level outcomes: (1) preparing our youth for 21st century success by inspiring them and developing their technology and problem-solving skills and analytic abilities, which can be applied in any capacity and to any field, and (2) expanding the Massachusetts workforce to increase success across all information-based sectors of our economy.

MassCAN strives to achieve these outcomes by focusing on four goals:

  • Expand opportunities for all Massachusetts K–12 students to learn CS;

  •  Promote opportunities for all students, especially many more females and underrepresented minorities, to pursue CS careers;

  •  Inform and inspire educators, administrators, parents, and students about the extraordinary employment opportunities available in technology fields across all industries and nonprofits—locally, nationally, and globally; &

  • Mobilize, organize, and collaborate with partners across Massachusetts in industry, education, nonprofits, and the public sector to achieve the above goals.

To learn more about MassCAN, please visit their website

Click here to download a copy of the MassCAN Annual Report, released in September 2016.

Click here to download a copy of the MassCAN 2015–2018 Strategic Plan: "Implementing Computer Science Education in Massachusetts".