Technology Licensing

Indicator 10:  Technology Licensing


How Does Massachusetts Perform?

Indictor 10- Technology LicensingMassachusetts has the fourth highest number of technology licenses and options executed in 2016, following California, New York, and Florida. Massachusetts was the leader in this category in 2014.  LTS newcomer Florida had a significant percentage increase in technology licensing from 2006 (298%) and 2011 (133%) rising from what would have been 10th in the current LTS in 2006 to 3rd in 2016.  

There has been a shift among the types of institutions in Massachusetts that comprise a majority of licenses and options executed from Universities to Research Institutions and Hospitals. From 2006-2016, licenses granted to Research Institutions and Hospitals decreased by 10% whereas for Universities they increased by 10%. Massachusetts Universities accounted for 53.8% of the technology licenses and options executed within the state in 2016.  Licensing revenues to Research Institutions and Hospitals spiked in 2006-2007 due to a legal settlement in favor of Massachusetts General Hospital, accounting for much of the 70% decline from 2006-2016.  However, licensing revenues are down from their post-2008 peaks for both Universities (2012, -47%) and Research Institutions/Hospitals (2011, -12%).