Technology Patents

Indicator 9:  Technology Patents


How Does Massachusetts Perform?

Indicator 9:  Technology Patents text box statsAs of 2015, Massachusetts was the per-capita leader in two of the five technology patent categories tracked by the Index. It placed second among the LTS in the other three. The combination of Computer & Communications patents and Drugs & Medical patents accounted for 79.2% of all Massachusetts technology patents in 2015, with 303 and 227 patents per million residents respectively. California maintained its lead in Computer & Communication Patents (500 per million residents) and Massachusetts overtook Minnesota (212 per million residents) to lead the LTS in Drugs and Medical patents. Massachusetts ranked first in Analytical Instrument & Research Method patents for the sixth year in a row with 100 per million residents, approximately 50% more than California, the next highest state. Massachusetts’ Business Method patents continued to fall in 2015, yet still ranked second among the LTS, trailing only California, where these patents also fell. Massachusetts’ Advanced Materials patents increased from 26 to 30 per million state residents and ranked second among the LTS in this category.  Technology patents have continued to steadily increase in the Commonwealth over the last decade and since 2005 have represented 62.9% of all patents issued in Massachusetts.