Academic Article Output

Indicator 7:  Academic Article Output


How Does Massachusetts Perform?

Indicator 7: Academic Article Output

Massachusetts maintained a high rate of Science and Engineering (S&E) Academic Article Output relative to its population in 2013, the most recent year for which data are available. In 2013, S&E Academic Article Output climbed to 2,999 academic articles per million residents, three times the U.S. average (975). In 2013, Massachusetts ranked first internationally, outperforming second-place Switzerland by roughly 390 articles per million residents.

Massachusetts also performs well in terms of academic productivity. It continues to lead the LTS in article output per million dollars of academic R&D funding. In 2004, 2009, and 2013, Massachusetts produced more S&E Academic Articles per R&D dollar than all of the other LTS and the nation overall. In 2013, the state reported 6.0 articles per million academic R&D dollars spent. Massachusetts is also the leader in a second measure of research productivity, articles per 1,000 S&E Doctorate Holders. The median measure of the rest of the LTS (884) is 28.8% lower than Massachusetts’ 1,452 figure, followed by Illinois which ranked second at 989.

Articles per researcher and articles per research dollar increased from 2012-2013 in both the U.S. and Massachusetts due to fairly stable academic spending on a national level. National academic funding was $63.4B in 2013, with Massachusetts receiving 5.0% of that spending. Although Massachusetts’ population is only 2.1% of the U.S., Massachusetts’ Life S&E sectors dominated the share of total U.S. academic R&D spending, together accounting for 21% of the Commonwealth’s funding.